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Box Delivery

Please answer the questions below and click submit. Once received, your application will be reviewed and you will hear back from us for next steps regarding contract and reseller fee payment.  

Reseller fee for this show is as follows:

INDOOR SPACE: 10’x10’ = $35; 10’x20’ = $70

OUTDOOR SPACE 10’x10’ = $25; 10’x20’ = $50

Thank you for your interest in the
Carolina Premiere Bridal Showcase & Market! 

Please read through the following guidelines & initial at the bottom that you will adhere to them should you be selected as one of our celebrated resellers:

1. Your booth must be open air, pop-up tent(s), and have a table(s), unless otherwise approved.


2.  All booths must be contained within space provided. All stock and storage boxes must be hidden from view.


3. Displays should be neat and appealing. No items are allowed on blankets/ground.


 4. Attire of anyone working/assisting at your booth must be family-friendly and professional.


5. All Resellers must stay open and have booth manned during ALL hours of the event. Tear down may begin when event is over at 4:00pm. Please do not tear down early unless advised by our staff. In the event that all of your items have sold, please notify a staff member.


6. All trash must be taken to the dumpster(s) provided. Do not put trash from set up/tear down into trash barrels placed throughout venue grounds – these are for customers only.


7. Reseller parking will be in designated area, no vehicles near booths during event hours.


8. Resellers are responsible for having means of accepting payment: smaller bills for change, Venmo accounts, etc. Resellers are also responsible for providing bags or boxes for sold items if needed.


9. Spaces are limited. If you select an outdoor space, you accept responsibility that you may not be accommodated to move indoors in the event of inclement weather. Additional fee will apply if an indoor space is available. 


10. If approved, each vendor will complete a contract for this event and pay the vendor fee.

Thank you for your application!

All applicants will be notified if

they are selected or declined.

Please allow up to 48 business hours for notification. We appreciate your interest and will be in touch!

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